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Wealth Building Services 

Financial Budget Analysis

What is Budget? It means understanding how your money is spent and how to best approach your next dollar. Here at NFIS, we will teach you how to plan and used a simple strategy that keeps you at float no matter the nature of the event. I call this life budgeting events! We can help for free...

Life Insurance                        It's here!

I have hand picked the best Life insurance policies I call "Living Policies". The Policy supports you while you are alive and for your finale expenses as well. Why this policy? In today's financial burden most of us live month to month and one needs companies that are financially reliable and known. My hand picks are all of the above and have created the best policies ever.

My policies can be used to cover many situations that we may not  be prepared for at the time, like help pay broken foot, in another State, simple health needs, weddings, school cost, home support, most importantly protects You financially when you may have these needs!

Tax services

My financial back ground allows me to analyze your financial position and assist in determining your eligibility for Covered California Health Benefits! I have 20 years of reviewing tax information and might be able to assist you on how to take advantage of your financial situation. 

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