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Family Security for LIfe! 

20-30 ages (Inexpensive and wise protection policies!!) The protection is due to the activity, we are more active when we are young. Navarro's Financial and Insurance Solutions protects your current health and the start process to your security...How? By introducing our financial base tools to enhance and create your financial health protection within your first budget. Plan a, b, c, d. protect your activity, like you may drive over 100 miles day , one accident could keep you home for weeks. We have policies that will pay youcfor the bed rest you need and on, on, within budget. We work diligently with individual clients and businesses making sure that your short-term and long- term financial insurance security needs are met to include growth and family protection...

Security for individuals for ages 30-40 ages

Different stages of life require different securities. Your Insurance if your out and about at thirty can be quite different than at forty-five and still different as we approach fifty-five. Your team member NFIS Agent offers a menu of insurance plans to protect your daily, and financial needs while giving you information about how to apply a long term budget plan as you develop the right package for your life. For starters accidental death a must for most, then a small life policy we can build together as you grow your business income, then call me again...for ages 40-50 to maximize your wealth.

Security for Life Insurance  Ages 50 +

We all tend to think we will live forever, or I have to Die first to collect, this is no longer the case. NFIS introduces a,b,c,d, plans for the living with health insurance as starter, life, accidental care, vision and dental insurance policies that pay you thousands per month.

The need for insurance as a family support system just became better. We all understand that security increases after marriage and even more so after having your first child, buying a home and even changing jobs increases assets not security. NFIS will assist in building your security with the right groundwork and developing an a,b,c,d, plan that creates a solid foundation of security for your family's future... As you become part of the NFIS family, our task will always be to work together to complete all the parts of your plan a,b,c,d (d=done) until we are done. (With our part! We will expand on this comment! We as a family are so appreciative that you are in ours.

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