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The first thing we start thinking about as we start thinking of retirement, is abut selling our house and then moving far away... Far from the people that we love, people and family we socialize with and receive support when we need it. Why? Just to get away, we say to ourselves that we are tired of living in one place, to expensive or just want to explore... All good reasons, but leaving when your 20,30, to explore is all right,  leaving your support system is not,. Forming new friends is always a positive adventure it does not make good sense when your older and out of reach. Support takes trust and time, moving may not be in your best interest. Most people should consider to explore and then decide if it is a fit to move and for good reasons. It seems the further one moves the worst it is, especially if they have never been their and we cannot see nor help them... 

Todays there is a no payment option: Housing

1. Reverse mortgage:   Imagine no payments for life...Go travel with the extra money!! 

2. Investor equity trade deals= They keep the property but trade it for staying in your own home and paying it in a advance equity position. This allows you to travel , even live somewhere else and have two homes maybe three? You have options...

3.Rent your home for $2000 a month and rent your new location for $1000...I just might work...

4. Selling a home is the last thing to do because the cost of finding something you can afford is less likely.

5. Work with a transitional agent so you can make a better decision for yourself.  

Keep your mind open to a new chapter and we can discuss options if you are in need. 


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