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Apply to become part of our team!


Your objective is to go out and find leads, this can mean talking to a family you meet at PTA, passing out business cards at Target, or even just sharing our website in your Bio Link on your social media page. Talk to people often, and be prepared to answer their questions. You can always refer the back to the office if you need help, the idea is for you to grow your client base



Here at NFIS we have over twenty years of experience helping service our communities with polices that are right for them.

•When it comes to insurance policies, everyone is a potential client. In my experience, people need a place to gather or you can go to them!

•Search out leads anywhere that will let you set up a table or just talk to people. You never know who has been thinking about making the time to find someone like you, until you find them and answer their insurance questions right there.


As an Agent, clients are trusting your judgment to do more then pick the right policy for them. They need you to educate them, so they can feel confident that they, and their loved ones are provided for.

•At NFIS we will give you all the education tools you need to be successful at this, but its up to you to go out there and share that information with others.

•Offering educational seminars about health insurance where you stay after to help people with enrollment, answer questions, or make our phone number or business cards available can be a big success!


Being clear and concise with the language you use to describe potential policies is essential. You will need to articulate various options to help the client find what’s right for them.

•Communication is key, this is true with clients and in the office. Let us know if you need help.

•Being bilingual can also help expand your accessibility to clients in the area.


Its important that you work from a position of trust. That means you can work from anywhere, talk to CPA’s, go in to churches to help whole communities


•State Fairs


•Schools- Events (if they don’t have one make one)

• Swat/Flee Markets

•Chamber of Commerce

Our Mission:


My name is John Navarro, I want to welcome you to NFIS, better known as Navarro Financial Insurance Solutions. I am excited that you are considering working with us. What differentiates us from our competitors is that we are a business driven to to help clients become secured. We base our protection on their individual needs rather then having only one program we have programs for the young and old alike! Our plan here at NFIS is to develop agents who care about their clients needs and who will benefit from my 26 years of experience and guidance leading teams doing just that! NFIS is an independent, privately owned, full service organization.From starting a new family to choosing senior care and even later, funeral services we want to make sure you're covered! 

What to start thinking about:

  • How we can provide a safety niche service for today's life. 
  • NFIS will understand what our clients changes, our clients financials need, and add wealth in a short period of time ( within ten days) and double or triple their current wealth. 
  • Let NFIS Sales Staff become the essential part of all the families we build security for life.
  • Income that supports the family, when no other support system is in place accept ours. 
  • Let us promise never to waist time nor your money. It always should be growing.
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